Digital media buying is fat, wasteful, fraudulent, and slow.
Then along came Eva.

You can thank Darwin later.

Beyond programmatic, Eva represents the next generation of AI driven digital media buying and marketing optimization, instantly analysing trends and making decisions to deliver superior return on ad spend with every dollar invested.

Eva’s Artificial Intelligence has a deeper contextual, emotional, and therefore predictive understanding of each consumer. This provides her with a unique understanding of real-time consumer behavior in order to make optimization decisions autonomously.

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The benefit of a platform that autonomously adapts and learns while solving multiple problems instead of solving one specific problem at a time is that, with very little manual configuration, Eva simultaneously runs over 10,000 campaigns for advertisers with highly diverse goals and often incorporating their own proprietary first party data. These first-party algorithms dynamically generate bidding rules on a per campaign basis to deliver outcomes that meet true business objectives.

In fact, Eva’s continual optimization ensures KPIs are not only met but exceeded, often with an up to 40% better performance increase, and at more competitive rates, versus our competition.

The unparalleled speed at which Eva produces and understands (how many bits of data) has three key benefits:


Eva can optimize instantly, removing the danger of human lag on underperforming campaigns.


Eva continues to learn and adapt autonomously, eradicating human error in campaign development.


Eva’s Fraud Fence algorithm and logic eliminates ad fraud. Ads are seen by the audience in the right place at the right time, ensuring brand safety and transparency.

Eva handles 300,000 ad bid requests a second. She’s not human.

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Eva’s Artificial Neural Network. She doesn’t just think, she feels.

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The Eva Challenge.

We’re so confident Eva can earn up to a 40% higher return on your ad spend, we guarantee it. Fill in the form and let her show you.


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